Good public transportation in NewYork renders rental car pointless and drag, especially due to high rental fees, rising gas prices and excessive parking charges. If a tri-state (NewYork/New Jersey/Connecticut) is to be taken, rent a card from reputable agency but only if taking it outside the city limits.

Keep major holidays in mind. Exiting traffic from NewYork City at any major holiday can be bone crushingly slow! Everyone possessing a car (owned or rented) tries to leave the city resulting in traffic-jam and accidents. It may take even 4 hours to reach city limits from the main metropolitan.

No reservation means no car, but in New York even a reservation doesn’t necessarily mean a car, even if it’s prepaid! To improve the ‘probability’ of getting a rented car, reserving quite earlier than required date, choosing an early pick-up time and getting there as soon as the company opens up will prove crucial!

Most of the times booking through an agency instead of the rental company itself is a bargain! This is further close to being a fact when it’s a major holiday or weekends, when the rates can be double the normal ones.

A promotional deal comes your way once in a while too, and sometimes it can be very good like a free tank of fuel! Agencies, however, require prepay for these deals and that with a credit card, and some also have a policy of renting only to non-US citizens, so be sure to ask them this or read their policies/agreement. That’s New York!
Rental services at airport are cheaper than ones in Manhattan, so they should be checked first.

The subway network in New York is designed beautifully but sometimes it gets difficult to get to one subway to another having no direct connections.

That’s where Taxis come in and can be very useful. They will save you both time and money.
Driving in New York: There are NO right-turn-on-red in New York, speed limit in 30mph streets, 50mph highway within city.

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