The Luxury Of Nyc Limos Rental

Not too long ago the rental of NYC limos was restricted to wedding parties, high-flying business executives and diplomats, today more and more tourists discover the advantages that come with it. This is not only true for the transport from and to the airport but also for excursions to the main sightseeing attractions of the city. It is so much more enjoyable for a group of friends or an extended family if these things can be done truly together.

These luxury limousines are available in many different sizes and can therefor accommodate a family of four as easily as a sports team of 24. They are especially geared towards providing transport for such small or middle-sized groups and to provide the passengers with all comfort they might expect. No matter if you and your friends or family want to see the Statue of Liberty or visit the Zoo in the Bronx, a limousine will take you there.

These cars are so-called stretch limos which have been elongated in order to accommodate more people. They are equipped with a wide range of extra features such as a bar for the thirsty, romantic lighting for lovers and comfortable seating. Also their electronic equipment is outstanding and includes TV, CD and DVD players and audio with surround sound. Power outlets are provided for those that travel with their own electronic gadgets like Ipads and PDAs. The biggest models, called coach limos, have even toilets.

Cruising in such a limousine through New York City has a lot of advantages, the main one being that the group stays together and can share the experience. Something that is not easy if you have to split your friends between several cabs. So, no matter if you want to see emblematic Ellis Island or the Empire State Building, NYC limos are the way to go.

Time Square Limousine offers great rates and service on NYC Limos.

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