Rental Guide for the NYC Apartments

NYC Apartments are the best residing places in the New York City. These apartments are full of all amenities and are luxurious. You can get the feeling of living in the five star hotel rooms if you are living in the beautiful NYC Apartments. You can thoroughly enjoy the staying by utilizing all the facilities and you can feel at home staying in these apartments and also it cost much lesser than a Hotel. This article will provide you some important information’s regarding the rental facilities of NYC Apartments.

You need to follow few rules when you are renting these luxurious NYC Apartments, the pets are not allowed and no smoking allowed. You need to rent these apartments minimum 30 days.  You may get little inconvenient in staying this apartments because no housekeeping services so you need to keep the apartment clean and tidy if you do this you can enjoy New York City staying in these beautiful apartments.


There rental prices for short term apartments are very reasonable.

You may find $ 90 per day apartments to $ 450 per day apartments, depending on the size of the apartment. If you look at the prices of a Hotel it may cost you around $ 300, if it a luxurious hotel it may cost you way more than that. By renting these short term rental apartments you can save the money as well as enjoy more space and beautifully decorated NYC Apartments.


Till recent days these short term rental apartments are available for rent just for 3 days also but recently the new legislation has passed a rule saying that minimum 30 days the tenant need to stay in those apartments.  But as far as my concern, staying in New York City Apartments is definitely better choice than staying in small inconvenient hotels.



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