Property Management Technology & Training is Improving Efficiency

Lots of people own properties that they rent out or sublet; management companies may own several properties that they rent out to entire cadres of customers, ranging from college students to people starting out their families in two and three bedroom apartments to rental homes. Atlanta Property Management is the best resource for discovering new possibilities.

Atlanta Property Management Technology has altered how property management is done, much the same way it’s altered every other aspect of modern American life. It started out with telephones and the ever so popular Rolodex, and then moved to spreadsheets to keep track of accounting issues. Later, cheap video cameras meant that on site security and premises control became much easier to arrange and coordinate, with video tape records replaced by digital video records and storage.

Now, the spread of pervasive networking, and changes in the fundamental communication parameters of all of these tools have altered the property management landscape again.

What used to require sending bills or putting reminder notices in mailboxes has now been turned into automatic systems built off of conventional networking frameworks, and these technology & training options have made managing apartment complexes even less labor intensive.

With a properly arranged networked property management solution, you can have tenants (or board members) automatically notified when meetings are scheduled to take place; automatic funds withdrawals can help you handle the billing side of property management, and you can even use a hosted solution that will integrate the property’s web site with an online database to allow association members to put in requests for maintenance and repair issues.

On top of this, it’s also possible to monitor things like water bills for a series of units in an apartment complex, or unit by unit electricity usage, to see if there are potential problems down the road.

There can also be a central, secure, repository for security data, from on site cameras and motion detectors, as well as logs for in-and-out access through a gate for a gated community. It’s not just the billing and record keeping that’s streamlined, but most aspects of property management that have changed dramatically with networked application development.

These even make selling a property easier (and give people buying a property a written ‘paper trail’ of ownership and maintenance done) which allows for fewer things to slip through the gaps on maintenance projects. Even better, the revolution in web distributed applications and data interchange mean that the technology and training side of this equation is minimal. It all builds off of interfaces that everyone’s familiar with, using web sites or cell phone applications; even iPhone applications exist to help with this. The nice part of this is that these applications are built not only to the specifications of management companies for property management, but they also take in the input of home owner associations boards to make sure that it meets all of the requirements of both sets of stake holders.

Each and everyday, technology is making things easier to manage property. Atlanta Property Managers are reaching for the stars in Property Management Technology. Get Connected with the award-winning management tool offered by

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