Rental NYC Apartments Vs Hotels

While you are in vacation or on a little longer business trip, put yourself this question, whether to stay in a hotel or rent a beautiful NYC Apartments? Definitely you will vote for rental apartments although this facility is not available before but now in modern days everything is possible. Even before there was some facility not like renting an apartment for shorter period for one month, it was something like paying guest of kind where you  can share the apartment with the people who are living in the house and paying them for renting their room and giving food for you till you stay in that house. But now things changed little bit, people prefer to have privacy and also want to enjoy their stay without any problems.

Obviously renting an NYC Apartments is better choice to those who are visiting this city for more than one month as it is not very convenient to stay in hotel for that many days and also it costs more and also the hotel rooms are not very spacious whereas in New York City apartments you can have privacy as well as it will make you feel at home away from home and also they are very spacious and all facilities are available in them and they costs much less than a hotel.

The amenities are excellent in these apartments, you will have spacious rooms’ big windows and full size kitchen where you can cook your food and with many other facilities but only the problems is you will not have any room service so for this reason you have to keep the apartment neat and tidy.

Only one good thing in hotel is room service and you need not to bother to keep it clean. But if you compare both of them than naturally NY C Apartments gets vote as they are more comfortable and less expensive than a Hotel.


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