Rental Property Management Application Features

Here we will discus some of the features of rental property management application. Important thing is these features should help and make the rental property management job easy.


Interactive Map Search Option

This allows the user to easily search property through interactive map option with quick clicks. Interactive map option gives user new and easy way of find properties. Map option shows all the properties listed within a particular area as user zooms in or out. There are different ways to view a particular property; it can be viewed as mapped streets or satellite images. This shows the property location as well surrounding community. Consumer can locate a particular area and discover listings. They can search through city name or zip code.


News & Events Panel

This panel contains different dynamic information which can control by managers through admin tool.

It can be news headline related to property or brief details and an image that can be immediately drawing the attention of user to particular news. Each news or event item links to detail page. This page has additional information with images.

It is useful to have current news and upcoming events on home page which instantly aware the user.


Property Listings Feature

The core feature of rental property management application is property listings. Which can easily access by clicking on relevant type of listings required, for example how many numbers of bedrooms are required. It displays the result with images and summary of pertinent details. Information such as price, address is displayed next to image.

Quick links can be used to provide more details about particular property and view the property pictures from image gallery. Admin can easily edit these properties listing through admin area so information can easily be updated.


Property Detail Page

As mentioned above property detail can view by click certain listing. Each property listing should have own detail property page. In this detail property page visitor can see image slide show of a particular property. These images can be easily updated with few quick steps.


Property Photo Tour

An image galley should be maintained of a particular property. The user can view a slide show of all the image of that property. Through this slide show user can have better idea of a property. Quick and easy upload is main feature, so manager can easily update the images of a property.


The Real Estate or Rental Property Management web application is an integrated solution for companies that manage rental properties or properties for sale.

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