Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Investment Property

There are many ways to make a property more appealing to tenants, and most of these things can be done cheaply and with minimal effort. Some simple DIY jobs can make a vacant apartment far more appealing to prospective tenants. Cleaning, tidying, gardening, buying some small household items to brighten up the property, and repairing any flaws will all increase the perceived value of any property for rent.

Regarding the inside of the unit, a simple cleaning can obviously make any apartment look better. Vacuuming floors, cleaning the bathroom, getting rid of stains on walls and carpets, and cleaning the windows are easy things you can do to make any apartment look more appealing. Easy tasks such as ensuring that the appliances all work properly is yet another critical item that many property owners forget about, and this is not something that tenants appreciate.

You could also consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Freshly painted walls and ceilings can transform the place and can persuade tenants to rent. This in turn could be the difference between finding quality tenants and not.

Small improvemements all along the interior of the unit will also help maximize a potential renter’s desire to rent the apartment. For example, put out some fresh flowers, replace all dead light bulbs, and fix any leaky faucets. Tenants are not expecting someone who can fix everything, but there is nothing worse for a tenant than experiencing problems when they have just moved in or even worse when they are viewing an apartment for the first time.

The look and feel of the external part of the property is critical as well. Taking care of gardens and keeping them trim and tidy is a simple and cheap step that helps to ensure that your property is pleasing to the eye.

Initial impressions are critical, so a garden filled with weeds or over grown will not make prospective renters willing to rent the property. Exterior maintenance also shows that the landlord works hard to maintain the apartment or house, which is something that tenants appreciate.

For landlords, the apartment is the product and the tenants are the customers, and something that many of them overlook is simply the art of selling their product. If the owner of the apartment is prepared to greet and welcome a prospective tenant, it adds a rapport between the two parties that can lead to cooperation, meaning that the tenant will be more likely to rent the property while also respecting the apartment and its contents. A solid partnership between both entities is truly the secret to maintaining a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Generally speaking, the greater the amount of time taken to enhance the unit with easy chores such as painting the walls, repairing a faucet, straightening up the landscaping, or cleansing the windows, the greater the perceived value of the property. This will boost the number of potential renters that are truly interested in moving in to the apartment. These jobs are easy and cheap to carry out, will be appreciated by the tenants, and will allow you to maximize the amount of rent you are able to get from the apartment.

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