8 Beneficial Home Improvements

Keep in mind, when selling a home in greater Cincinnati hardwood flooring is a feature which buyers are looking for. In fact, it is one of the top eight features on many buyers wish lists. So if you are putting your house on the market in greater Cincinnati sand & refinish any worn and faded areas. This will quickly add to the value and sale-ability of your home. What are the other items which a number of buyers are looking for? The following are seven features or improvements that buyers are hoping to see in homes they tour:

– Does your property have an updated kitchen? While kitchen features vary according to price range, most buyers can expect to find at least a few updates in kitchen spaces. High end kitchens typically have no less than granite countertops, and upgraded stainless steel appliance features. Back-splashes, upgraded sink choice, and quality wood cabinets are also looked for.

Lower price points may see solid surface counters and clean mid range appliances, including built-in microwave.

– Does your property have updated bathrooms? Energy efficient toilets and shower features are very popular as they save not only water, but they save on the utilities bill as well. While styles and tastes may vary, buyers are looking for bathrooms not in need of any major remodeling project, bathrooms that have plenty of storage, and bathrooms that have adequate ventilation.

– Does your property have easy to manage landscaping? Curb appeal is the first thing that draws buyers to a home. A well-cared for outdoor space usually means a well-cared for indoor space. Extensive landscaping is not necessary when selling your home, but bushes, plants, and gardens that are trimmed, weeded, and tended will be easy to spot.

– Does your property contain wall colors which are moderate? Buyers are most often looking for that home which requires little work prior to them moving in.

Theme specific paint colors, or any colors which are atypical may scare off potential buyers, not looking to tackle painting before setting up house.

– Are all mechanical systems updated and running smoothly? While this is often more of a problem for those looking at older homes, it should not be overlooked in recently built homes as well. Mechanical updates can be very costly and inconvenient. Regular maintenance records on furnace, air, and water softener or water filter appliances can help ease the worries of a buyer.

– Does your property contain ample and well spaced electrical outlets and cable and computer outlet options? It is not costly to add extra outlets in rooms of a home, it is simply time consuming to coordinate this service with cable and dsl providers. Carve out some time, before putting your house on the market to schedule adding this feature to any space that you feel would be a convenience to a new homeowner.

– Does your property have a clean and tidy overall appearance? Buyers are looking for the home in which they feel comfortable and “at-home” in. Presenting a home that is clean, with sparkling fixtures, and one that is free of unpleasant smells is one that will make buyers be able to envision themselves living there.

Connor R. Sullivan recently hired a Greater Cincinnati sand and refinish flooring company to work on his parents house. He also hired a Greater Cincinnati hardwood flooring company to install new hardwood floors in his kitchen.

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