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Lawn care not only means caring and tending for your plants but also being aware of the requirements of your lawn.  One needs to know the varied lawn care requirements of the lawn.  Depending on the type of grass and climatic conditions, these requirements may differ. Watering is one of the most important lawn care activity.  Irrigation systems, sprinkler systems may be adopted for watering the lawn.  You may either go in for once in a week watering or daily watering.  Generally, the latter is avoided, as it can loosen the roots of your plants and shrubs.  Seasonal changes also need to be taken into account when it comes to lawn care.

Check out the grass in your lawn.  If the grass starts wilting, it means it is time to water.  Also when the blades of the leaves start to fold and dry, you need to begin watering.  Irregular supply of water to your lawn will make the lawn appear dry.  Maintain consistency in your lawn activities especially watering is very important so that the lawn does not develop brown patches.

When the lawn is supplied with the requisite amount of water, the root growth is stronger and better.  Sprinklers are very effective in watering the lawn and they are gentler on the grass.

Lawns that remains bereft of water for days at a stretch start developing weeds and starts developing ugly patches.  Avoid watering towards evenings, as there is a greater chance of your lawn attracting fungus. Try watering before the sun is at its peak.  Dry spots of your lawn need to be attended to.  Check out whether the sprinklers are sprinkling water on all the areas of the lawn. 

Soils that develop dryness also tend to become hydrophobic and the water finds it difficult to make its way into the soil.  The best lawn care method to fight this condition is to mix equal proportions of water and liquid soap and add it to the soil. The soil will slowly start to get loose and the water will be able to penetrate inside.  Watering your lawn first thing in the morning is healthy and your turf will also remain healthy and strong. There is lesser chance of the water getting evaporated.

Fertilise your lawn on a timely basis.  Many a times, a healthy turf needs to get only one single coating of fertiliser on an annual basis.  This is more than sufficient for a lush green turf.  It is important to go through the instructions mentioned on the packet before applying the same.  Check out the safest and best formulation of pesticides for your lawn.  The growing season is the best time to feed your lawn with fertilisers. Another important aspect of lawn care is that the turn needs to be kept absolutely dry when application of fertilisers.

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