Is It Better to Book NYC Vacation Rentals Than Hotel Rooms?

By: Melissa T

New York City or NYC has a lot of tourist attractions and is considered one of the best places in the world to visit. NYC has in store some of the best museums, parks, shopping malls, eating joints, parks, libraries, etc. Visitors across the world have the opinion that NYC offers something for all. However, like any other travel trip one of the main decisions that affect the tour at a distant location is the decision with respect to stay. This article compares NYC vacation rentals and hotel stay to judge which one is better and why.

NYC vacation rentals have a lot of advantages over a standard hotel room, especially when you are travelling with family or friends. The first one that comes to the mind is the space. Most hotel rooms offer a room with a bed, television, dressing, bath, closet and a few chairs and a table.

If you are staying with your family in a hotel room, your children will have to compromise with one television, you do not have much space to roam around, etc. These disadvantages are cover in most cases by NYC vacation rentals. Many NYC vacation rentals offer attached bed rooms with individual television, a separate kitchen, a decent space to relax and roam around, separate dining rooms, private pools, gaming section, laundry rooms, etc. You feel at home if you stay at good NYC vacation rentals.

If you opt for NYC vacation rentals over a hotel room, another advantage that comes into picture is the flexibility offered. When you come late in the night after visiting some of the amazing places in the New York City, and feel hungry, there are fewer chances that the hotel pantry will be open.

On the other hand you can cook your favourite snack at the NYC vacation rentals if it offers that facility. Similarly flexibility in utilising other services and amenities is more in NYC vacation rentals as compared to hotel rooms. You can eat, swim, and sleep etc. whenever you feel like. Moreover, the number of amenities and services provided in a vacation rental are generally more than a hotel room. Some vacation rentals may offer stereo systems, DVD players, spa, lawns, etc.

Another major concern of most travellers is the price for the stay. To your surprise, the NYC vacation rentals come at a comparatively better rate than the famous hotel rooms charges in most cases. However, you need to put in some effort and hard work to search for the suitable vacation rental. Many vacation rentals can be found on the internet. You need to analyze which one will suit to your requirements of budget, flexibility, availability, amenities required, number of people staying, etc.

And this is not all; vacation rentals are also preferred by many visitors for the privacy offered. You feel at home and do whatever you feel like in a vacation rental. The increasing popularity of vacation rentals over hotel rooms gives an answer to the question which one is better.

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