Rental Property (Australia) Application Process

Rental properties are basically those living spaces which we people rent when they are on a vacation, for business reasons or for settlement purposes. When you apply for a rental property in Australia, it takes a lot of time as there are certain inspections to attend. Also, you need to fill in lengthy application forms and submit the required documents. If you need to apply for a rental property in Australia along with your daily routine, then you have to cope with those additional set of tasks as well and this just makes your life quite hectic and stressful.

Is there a solution? Of course, there is – If you are well organized and mentally prepared, then you can not only save your valuable time but you can also save yourself from paying hundreds of dollars to real estate agencies.

Well, the whole process begins with a rental property application form.

Although, all rental agencies have their own application forms but the details they require are usually the same. If you have filled up an application from for the first time, then it is better to keep a photocopy of it for yourself and be convenient during your rental property inspection.

One important thing for which you should not save your time is the inspection. Generally, most of the people just keep on applying for as many properties as possible without inspecting them personally. They usually don’t bother with a house which they think they may not get. This is not only a bad idea but it is unlawful as well. Because nobody is allowed to submit a rental application for a property which they have not inspected personally.

The best suitable time to apply for a rental property in Australia is during the inspection period. Generally, the real estate agent will be handing out application forms while conducting the inspection and if you approach them in advance, then you can save plenty of time and fill up the required details quickly by copying it from the pre-filled form that you have already prepared.

You can also visit a reputed real estate website like in advance to download; print and fill up the concerned rental application form make it ready for the inspection.

Another convenient way is to have all the required supporting documents in advance. Remember, every real estate agency have its own list, but there will no issue if you have a copy of all the following documents.
Your Driving License/Passport/ Birth Certificate 
Your Previous Receipts (Approx. 3-4)
Your Previous Tenancy Reference 
Your Motor Vehicle R.C (Registration Certificate)
Your Current Income Proof
Your Bank Statement 
Your Electricity/Telephone/Gas Bill 

So photocopy all these documents in advance and make a number of sets to take with you to all inspections. is a leading real estate website offering valuable information about student accommodation and rental property in Australia


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