Furnished Office Spaces At Gurgaon

The global turn down had forced a large number of bulk space occupiers to relocate to smaller and economical spaces with lower rentals. Layoffs, unemployment, job cuts, and winding up business operations were the effects. This created a large vacancy percentage in existing furnished and ready to move in spaces. Now in the year 2011 where the Indian economy is showing positive signs of positive improvement and considering the GDP growth of 8.9% (approx) in the year 2010, has created fresh demands for office space rentals.

Gurgaon is closer to the international airport and a stones throw from New Delhi. Over and above Gugaon also offers cheaper and competitive rental options compared to New Delhi. Some of the locations where furnished offices can be located are at Udyog Vihar, MG Road, Golf Course Road, South City, Sector 44 & 34. Most of these locations are well connected through all major road, and now of course the metro link.

Advantages of a furnished property

Small and large space occupier, who are relocating or starting a new business operation find it challenging to get the office interior and fit outs executed in time. It is a known fact, where interior fit outs for a space of even 10000 Sqft can take from a few weeks to may be some months. Issues like the final designs, costing, material selections, finding that right contractor, etc is a time consuming process. A company can ill afford this time loss. Used furnished offices are the next best option to explore, after a site has been located and finalised. Certain interior lay out plan can be changed; most land lords are more than happy doing this on a time frame schedule. Less time is lost, costs are under control and you have a ready to move in space. This means less un- productive hours lost. It is also possible to locate office spaces where the fit outs are in an excellent condition, almost like new, it all depend on how efficient your commercial real estate broker is and how well he understands your specific requirements.

Here is what you should do

Most companies looking for office spaces are not clear themselves, as to what they really are looking for. Sometimes the company representatives who are assigned the task to locate a suitable commercial site have not understood what their bosses / company are really looking at. Information is important at each level, this saves time and money and efforts. It is equally important to select a good commercial real estate broker and a legal consultant. The commercial property broker should be clearly indicated what kind of a space is preferred, the rental budget demarcations, locations, type of commercial development etc. It is not a bad idea to make your broker sweat and earn his broker fee. Ask him to provide you with all the relevant property details and costing through a presentation at your office, let him undertake a property audit for your final approval.

The author is a commercial real estate broker offering commercial property services through sales, leasing and investments

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Find Best Rental Properties Online

If you have shifted or migrated to a new country or place, and you want to have comfortable, luxurious and secure rental apartment, then always hire a rental agencies to find a better home. As per the information that floats on the internet, every year millions of students, professional or job seekers shift or migrate from one place to another for various reasons.

Purchasing an apartment in a new place might be unaffordable, so rental accommodation is the only best option left to these people. However, finding suitable rental apartments in any specific place or town have become the easiest task now. There are hundreds of authentic and reliable rental property companies available across the country. These rental companies offer great value to the owners and competitive price to tenants.

Billion people have different mind set and requirements that exits in the world.

There are people who look for a rental apartment which can offer facilities like covered or uncovered parking, laundry in unit, pet friendly buildings, close to public transportation and main city, recreation centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, clubs, pest control, well-manned security etc.

All these and much more is expected at the most reasonable price by the tenants. The rental agencies that provide the rental apartments provide best consultation as per location, distance and suitability. Even if you have misjudged yourself, the agents will help you get the right understanding and right thought for the apartments for rent. The executives could be called as best apartment finders in the town.

To search and locate best apartments for rent in the town or in the county, these rental agencies provide three types of options to the tenants. Call, visit the rental office or check for the rental apartment on the net. The best is to look for the rental apartments on the net. The websites offered by the companies provide all information and options to help you get best apartments.

On websites, tenants can customize the search selecting minimum to maximum rental amount per month, minimum and maximum bedrooms and bathroom for the family and by checking the optional amenities such as pets, outdoor space, laundry, parking etc. After selecting all these, the search results provide exact location, place and apartments; people can find the best home in the unknown country or place.

So get the best customer satisfaction and exceptional services from the rental agencies that can help you get the best rental apartment in the city.

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