Who Is Renting Furnished Apartments

To be successful in apartment rental business you need to make you understand who can be you potential client. So you can tailor your advertising and marketing efforts specifically to this group. So here are few more ideas on who can be your target client:

1. Just married people – there is a huge market out there when you target is honeymooners. A vacation home would provide an excellent opportunity for honeymooners to enjoy luxurious accommodation within a reasonable budget. For them a great plus would be the privacy that a vacation home would offer and of course, value for money.

2. Vacationers with pets – you might consider to lower the anti-pet policies during the fall as many people would love to make use of this opportunity and take a short break with the whole family, which often includes their rabbit, dog, cat, parakeet, tarantula or whatever pet they included as a member of their family.

3. Retreat houses – most corporations have quarterly, half-yearly or annual retreats to brainstorm on various aspects of running the company. You could market your vacation home from this angle highlighting the advantageous environment and excellent amenities you offer.

4. Early/ late tourists – these people would want to enjoy the best of the peak season at off-season prices. They would choose to time their vacation in the cusp period between off season and peak season, while the prices have not yet escalated to the peak season tariff, while the weather, market and everything else is already just as good as it can be. You would need to market carefully here so you would not run into peak season period with off-season rates.

5. Get away vacation home – weekend rentals can be a great way to keep your coffers full. Remember to target those people who simply want to get away from the routine of their jobs and household chores. Many would love the idea of spending the weekend somewhere else – other than their home – alone yet not too far away. For them, a weekend vacation in a wonderfully tranquil place would be just the right way to energize.

6. Last minute check-ins – this is a wonderful niche, especially in challenging economic times when you simply cannot plan a lavish vacation because you never know whether you would have the money for it – as this depends on whether your job is still there or not. These people would belong to any of the following categories: (1) sudden special events in the family, such as weddings, funerals, baptism, bar mitzvah, and so on; (2) weekend vacationers; and (3) shoe-string vacationers who prefer the last minute bookings because they get substantial discount.

Select your niche carefully, and furnished rentals business can become a golden opportunity for you.

Slava Kandakou is Managing Director at Golden City Rentals, Vancouver’s leading provider of furnished apartment rentals. Contact us for more info on furnished apartment rentals in Vancouver, furnished house rentals, and Vancouver corporate housing.

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