Limousines Types in NYC

Various kinds of limousines are offered by limousine agencies in NYC. One can hire a limousine for any kind of occasion, be it a wedding, business meeting or any sort of party. Limousine provides you style, luxury, sophistication and glamour, adding a touch of making good entrance wherever you go. NYC limousine agencies will provide you with the best of their services with the right vehicle for the occasion. Hummers are ideal for parties as they comfortably fit a large number of people. One of the oldest models that are still used today in NYC is the Rolls Royce.

Types of limousines in NYC are:The Lincoln limousine is a long, commodious and luxurious saloon giving immense comfort to the passenger by giving a lot of comfy legroom along with other conveniences for luxury travel. Apart from the driver seat limousine, offer five comfortable seats.

Additional seats can also be arranged in case of more passengers, behind the driver’s seat facing the rear.
The Winton Six Limousine is truly a top-notch type of limousine in NYC. It is not actually a limousine but a luxurious combo of bus and a saloon. It has multiple doors and area reserved for carrying passenger’s luggage. It emanates a vintage feel by adding luxury and glamour, which is further aggrandized by its rarity.

For those people who want to make a Hollywood style entrance in NYC, Stretch Limousine is the best option for them. It has a long seating accommodation with the passengers seats arranged along the length of the vehicle. In this way, the passengers can face each other, making them easier to talk and share champagne.

Getting together with good friends for a night out in NYC, is always fun.

It can be made so, by renting Hummer Limousine and taking the town by storm. It is an ideal choice among partygoers in NYC. Its seating capacity is higher than a stretch limousine. Some versions of this car have security systems also so if you are security conscious then go for it!  It can comfortably seat around 24 passengers.

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