Rental Properties In Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh is among the ten largest cities in the UK and is home to many historic buildings. It has a rich cultural history and boasts as one the major commercial and cultural centres. The city has built a character of warmness, sociability and cordiality over the periods. This character of the city attracts people from all over to move here. This has sparked a property boom and the market is attracting a lot of investments from all sorts of walks of life ranging from people willing to relocate here to private people and businesses alike investing in rental properties. People who move here mostly choose to stay here because of these remarkable properties and attractions of the city. The variety of vicinities make Edinburgh a unique place for people from all walks of life and availability of flats in these localities make it possible for peoples of different tastes to find what they look for.

Property market in Edinburgh:
Because of the reasons mentioned above, the property market in Edinburgh is flourishing.

Ample availability of appropriate houses, apartments and rental flats is one the greatest reasons for this prospering market. The residential areas in the city are mostly lively, green and away from the rush and noise of the city centre.

Letting agents:
People searching for right and suitable rental accommodation ranging from family houses to student flats have expert advice at hand through specialized letting agents and agencies who are aware of the localities of the city and can give tailored advice according to the requirements of the person looking for the property.

Different area characteristics of Edinburgh:
The areas located near and around water bodies in Edinburgh are particularly popular residential areas. The areas with great view are Leith, South Queensferry, Granton and Muirhouse. These have various types of houses including customary townhouses to latest flats.

The University of Edinburgh is the one of the oldest universities of the UK and the oldest in Edinburgh and has more than 20,000 students at any time. Because of the large student population in the area, the residential flats here are a commodity in great demand. These flats do not remain unoccupied and available for long. The big properties are also snapped up quickly by groups to share.

Murrayfield is one of the well-off areas. It houses an international rugby stadium that hosts international matches. Because of the tranquility and calm of the area, Murrayfield is among the most sought after areas for flats in Scotland. Some beautiful flats are available in and near to the City Centre which give beautiful views of the greenery of Holyrood Park.

Portobello is a magnificent seaside tourist attraction in Edinburgh. Beautiful white sandy beaches give this area a unique perspective and individuality and make it an ideal location for people wishing to move to this area. Haymarket with its diverse population, multiethnic touch and dynamic night life make it an ideal choice for the younger age groups.


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