Bingo Jackpots Make Online Bingo Irresistible


Bingo is always been a popular game that has seen a revival in its fortunes in the last few years. The shift from it being a hall-based game to its current online state has contributed immensely to the celebrated status that the game enjoys today. As is with success generally, the fame and fortune that the game has been bestowed with is the culmination of a number of different and varied factors and cannot be attributed to a single, individual factor. Featuring prominently in the list of factors contributing to the success of bingo is bingo jackpots. While no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus and promotions are considered few of the most important reasons that lure players to try new bingo sites, it is the jackpots offered in a site that help retain players and stop them from digressing and moving on. It is the prize that makes players play bingo in the first place. If bingo is stripped of all its features but the prize, it will still be up and running. However, take the prize out and retain all the other frills and the game would only be a skeleton of what it is now. Thus, it won’t be wrong to consider jackpots as ‘the’ most important reason for playing bingo. New and emerging online bingo sites like Bingo3X have cashed in on the trend, associating a whole range of jackpots with its games. So, why have UK bingo jackpots gone ahead to become such magnetic crowd-pullers? One reason is that jackpots give players the chance to earn unimaginable amounts of cash. Jackpots have the capability to give sharp U-turns to the lives of players and steer them towards betterment. Also, jackpots help bingo retain one of the major USPs of the game – versatility. Each different type of jackpot has successfully introduced something more than the other type to the game and has thus, played a part in enabling bingo remain spruced up and colorful. Different types of bingo games offer different kinds of jackpots. While Fixed Jackpots are the most common among them and are the most easily found, the Progressive Jackpots (also known as PJPs) are climbing the popularity charts at a rollicking pace. Many online sites also offer their players the option of playing for Community Jackpots. As the name suggests, Fixed Jackpots have fixed prize amounts. Even before the game begins, players playing for these bingo jackpots are aware of the cash prize in the reckoning. On the other hand, Progressive Jackpots start with a certain fixed amount and rise every midnight with the stakes of the previous day till they are won. The uncertainty involved definitely adds to the charm of PJPs, making them a clear favorite with the players. Community Jackpots is a winner in the bingo circuits because not only does it also the Full House winner to walk away with the bounty, it also lets all the players who had staked in the winning game to win their share according to the tickets they had bought. Such generosity of spirit immediately endears them to the bingo playing crowd. The mini games offered by all bingo sites today have their very own range of exciting jackpots too. With so much going on in the scope of UK bingo jackpots, it is hardly a surprise to find them enjoying the adulation of so many.



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