Bingo Comparison Highlights Individual Strengths of Bingo Sites


There is no way for anyone to feel anything but upbeat upon landing on the home page of Wink Bingo. The site claims to be one of the friendliest online bingo sites around and even after a thorough tour of it, it is hard to find any glitches to refute that theory. The site is home to some of the most traditional bingo games like 75 and 90 ball bingo. Thus, it should be duly credited for giving even the most regular games a personal touch and making them fascinating. There is a lot to keep players busy playing at the site and coming back for more. The guaranteed jackpots, incredible free bingo games, massive paying instant games and fun chat games are some of the other features that make Wink Bingo such a pleasure. It is often said that the software provider of a site is quite capable of making or marring its fortunes. A site might have a wide range of games, bonuses and offers, but without quality software to run on, it is likely to crash mid-game, leaving players with a poor experience. Being powered by GlobalCom, one of the most established names in the bingo software industry, makes Wink Bingo one site to trust. Another famous e-bingo site from the stable of this reputed software provider is 888 Ladies Bingo. If you are a serious bingo lover, you cannot have missed hearing about this remarkable bingo site. There is something utterly charming about this site too and one cannot help feeling pulled into the bright and beautiful world of bingo that exists within the site. While popular opinion believes that online sites powered by the same software provider tend to provide the same games and schemes, a bingo comparison of the sites in question proves otherwise.One look at the promotions pages of Wink Bingo and 888 Ladies Bingo is enough to tell how distinctively different they are. With the festive season on, almost all other online bingo sites look like clones of each other. Especially when coming from the same software provider, there is very little ground for distinction as the same promotions are repeated everywhere. However, these two sites beg to differ. While Wink Bingo prepares to bewitch players with a Mini Cooper 1.6 on New Year’s Day, 888 Ladies Bingo has decided to serenade its players with cash prizes worth many thousands this festive season.While playing at the Stocking Bingo & Instant Promotion at 888 Ladies Bingo can help players win up to £2000 worth of cash and presents, there is also The Festive £3k and the £4k New Year Getaway offers to indulgently make the very best of. Not to be left too far away from the competition, Wink Bingo too has other offers that strive to keep the festive spirits soaring high. The £5k Secret Santa and NYE Chat Party are but a few examples of how things can heat up at this momentous bingo site. The bingo comparison between these two sites doesn’t just highlight their USPs. It also brings to light the fact that bingo sites can very well personalise promotions to suit themselves. This ensures that they do not look like the duplicates of the sites from the same software provider.



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