No Deposit Bonus to Lure New Players


People often think that why are these sites offering no deposit bonuses. If you ask this to someone who is playing on these sites from some time, then he can answer your question. But those who are new to the sites will enjoy winning and would be very happy to get money for free. If you see deep inside, then these sites are just like other businesses who are willing to make profit from there customers. They won’t offer you free items until there is a reason behind it. They are actually banking on a chance that a new customer might get careless with his bonus offered to him. On the other hand, if we look from old player’s point of view, then these bonuses are great, especially if a player wants to enjoy playing casino games online. Now from casino owner’s point of view, these no deposit bonuses serve three purposes:•    This free bonus is like a starting point for a new gambler in online casino. New players are obviously hesitant when they have to provide their credit card information to these sites. They start looking for those sites that do not require their credit card number. This is why casinos offer no deposit bonus so that new customers can sign in freely without giving out their crucial details. This way new player can try out games on online casino without placing bets with real money.•    A player doesn’t get to play with this bonus till he or she creates a real player account where he has to list his important details that are not related to credit cards. When a player feeds in all this information and starts playing, all this information is stored in the list of casino so that at later stages they can persuade their player to make real bets in the game.•    Also online casino can be addictive to for the players and they continue to play until they win big or desired amount. Now no deposit bonus actually encourages its players to make deposits in future and hence to continue playing. This way a player stays and might become a regular player and might put in some real stakes.In short, this no deposit bonus is just a market strategy to pull in players that they enjoy games and become a regular customer of the casino. This is how they get real revenues for the casinos.



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