How to Play Three Card Poker


Do you want to play three card poker? Three card poker is a poker-based game which can be played in casinos or at online gambling sites. Statistically, it is said that people play three card poker the most because it is dubbed as the most famous proprietary table game when you measure it by wins generated for land-based casinos.To play three card poker you have two modes of play. There is what is called the ANTE wager and the PLAY wager. Both wagers are made in competition on the player’s hand versus the dealers cards. There is another type of wager called the PAIR PLUS wager, which is paid on a payment mode basis that contain a pair or – even better – 3 cards of the same value. Some land-based and online casinos offer Ante and Pair Plus as an optional wager, while some establishments deem Ante wager as a compulsory/mandatory wager.Before you start playing three card poker, the gamers will have to make an Ante and Pair Plus wager. The dealer will then give each player 3 cards to play three card poker. If a player chooses an Ante wager, he can then have a choice to fold the game or continue playing. If the player continues to play three card poker, he must give a Play wager which has equal value to the Ante wager.Three card poker game continues with the hands being exposed and the wagers being awarded to the person with the best hand. For the dealer, his hand should be a queen or better so that he can have a hand to play. In this part of the game, if the dealer does not continue to play three card poker, then there is no action on Play wagers. The Ante wagers will then be given a 1:1 payout.If the dealer continues to play three card poker, then the dealer and the player have to compare both hands. If the player’s hand is defeated, then the people who are betting will lose both the Ante and Play wagers. On the other hand, if the player wins, then people who bet on the Ante and Play wagers win 1 is to 1. A tie, meaning both dealer and player have the same value of cards, then there is no action on the both wager (Ante and Play).A bonus is given and it is called the Ante Bonus. This is given to people who bet on the Ante wager and the hand that appears is straight or better.-------------

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The Best Online Poker Game Options


surprises most players to learn that there are over 100 different types
of poker that are currently being played. Of these there are some that
stand out as favorites of the public and these are the ones that draw
the most crowds and pay the most out in winnings. In order to win you
have to understand the rules and set ups for each of the types of poker
that you want to play.There are 5 top poker variations and they are:Draw pokerTexas Hold’emLowballOmaha Hold ’emLowballEven
many of these poker variations are broken down into smaller classes,
including no limit, hi-lo, pot limit and limit varieties. Some of these
give you a better advantage depending on your hole cards, while others
throw a distinct advantage to you depending on where you are seated at
the table. It is up to you to experiment and learn how to play.Another
great thing is that you can pretty much count on these top 5 poker
variations to be found in every casino in the world. The same games
that are being played in your neighbors house, the local casino, and
the club can be found online. Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha
Hold’em are the ones that generally feature the large tournaments.Since
all of the poker games will have different rules to follow, it is
important to make sure that you are learning the ropes before sinking a
lot of money into a game. Read the rules and think about what you would
be best at and then play in the free online poker rooms for a while. Do
not place any money down on a poker game until you have played enough of the free online poker games to have built up your confidence.

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Online Poker Table Selection – How to find the most profitable table to play on!

Knowing where and at what times the loosest poker games are played are the number one secret for those who play online poker successfully.

Online poker professionals win most of their money from the weak players (fishes-suckers), so finding a table with two or three fishes on it, is extremely important if you want to succeed at this game. Tight and conservative poker tables are not profitable to play on, even for the professionals.

Poker players that are successful at the game of poker, mostly makes their profit from the mistakes their opponents make, and not from their own brilliant play. Choosing the correct table to play on is very important if you want to be a winner at this game.

The secret of winning at on line poker is to find these kind of games and to only play solid hands from the right position at the table.

Finding the right table to play on is fairly easy. All you have to do is to download the most popular on-line poker rooms.

Than you have to start looking for a table with decent sized pots for your limits and whit a few weak players on it.

Click on flop percentage button when you think you have found your bread and butter table. This will show you how many players that actually sees the flop in average.

Lets say you are playing on a 2/4 Texas Holdem table and the minimum buy-in is 100 dollar. If a player only has 40 dollars worth of chips, than you know he is losing and that he probably doesn’t know much about poker since you should always have enough chips for atleast 15 big bets.

It can also be that this particular player doesn’t have more money to play with, so he is probably going to be playing a tight game and sit and wait for the good cards to come.

If a player has about 200 dollars in front of him than that should tell you that he is either winning, or that he bought in for that amount, simply because he knows that a big stack gets respect from most players.

There are virtually thousands of on-line games to choose from, so there is no excuse to play on a table that you are not comfortable with.

Good luckBusiness Management Articles, play well and don’t gamble with your poker money!

Are Slots Easy?

When you walk into a
casino you can see rows and rows of folks from all walks of life playing the
slots. There is something inviting about slots
that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. With their bright lights, loud
chimes, and availability, it is hard not to flock to the machine when it is
offering the player money to play a game of luck and chance.


The question of
whether or not slots are easy is completely dependent upon the player.


Some players play
slots online for fun and pure entertainment. They want to take a mid-day break
or practice their own personal strategies. This is the type of slots online
player that is easy to please. Or, this is the kind of player who finds the
game of slots online to be easy.


There are some slots
players who have tunnel vision and find the game of slots to be nothing more
than their chance at winning large sums of money. They make it their personal
agenda to play slots for winning and nothing more. The fact that slots online
is simply a game left to chance and luck is something that makes their quest
that much greater. These slots online players wish to “beat” the slots games
and will play until they feel that they do.


For these particular
players who only wish to win large bucks and find no value in the entertainment
purposes, the game of online slots would be considered difficult.


In the grand scheme of
things, playing slots is somewhere down the middle when it comes to ease.
Betting, spinning, and collecting whatever winnings you can is considered easy.
Losing money, winning large sums of money, and finding time to play as often as
you’d like to is considered difficult. This is something that you need to
decide for yourself.


The online casinos you
find will always go out of their way to make your experience playing online
slots an easy one. This is to ensure that you always find your way back to
their site playing online casino games like slots online. Once you realize that
you’re playing frequently enoughBusiness Management Articles, you’ll soon realize that the games of slots
is in fact easy to get used to!




How To Play Real Money Casino Games For The Ipad

Since it is behind the launch in April 2010, I have started looking for
online players to run on the iPad and have been sold millions of iPad, online casinos for real money
is a matter of course.


Online casino is usually a time quick adjustment game new platform has
been released, if they are working very slow and is a handful of past casino
compatibility platform app now on the iPad provides the casino. One of the
events contributing to the delay of the online casino that is compatible app, a
Mac person, to add a Flash-compatible browser is the fact that it is still too
stubborn. Otherwise, it does not work from the flash casino iPad, it will play
perfectly for the iPad, and the usual casino games cannot be direct.


Instead, the online casino is trying to offer the game in the iPad
format easily forced to application development that is compatible with their
weight is even greater with a large project, the “app”, which is in
most casinos.


Real Money casino app for U.S. players


If you live in the United States today as we all know that is a real
pain to find the online casino will take payment. It can make a payment at
online casinos in the state of some of the online casino even though it is
illegal; it has still the difficulty of processing deposits. What is important
here, because I live Is it possible to play online casino games for real money
in different countries is said to be illegal, the state of either
“friendly game” You have it, kind of America You have the right to
deposit with iPad all of the casino, you want to play.


U.S. friendly online casino only is able to offer real-money Casino
Slotland Casino as iPad application currently.

The only way to make sure that online gambling is legal in your state
is to conduct research properly. What law is always illegal, and is changing
the game in the United StatesFree Articles, today there is a legal possibility of tomorrow.
The safest thing to do is to check what the current law in your state when you
search on Google.

Online Casino: Try To Get Your Hands On The Best

A major reason that people are getting attracted towards the online casinos is the extra amount they provide you as different types of bonuses. Most of the online casinos are providing sign up bonuses. In this all you have to do is sign up with an online casino website and deposit some amount of money. As soon as you deposit money you become eligible for the bonus. You should be well aware that the amount of bonus that you are going to get will be matched with the amount of money that you have deposited into the casino account. While choosing an online casino you need to keep certain things in mind:1)    Make sure that the casino you are choosing is having a good reputation2)    You should claim the no deposit bonus  if the casino have the provision for providing it3)    A low wagering range will do the trick for you.Choosing a casino with a good reputation among the visitors is an important thing. If you end up choosing an average of bad casino then you might end up solving you issues after every couple of days. There are some frauds also which are going to take you banking details and will give you almost nothing when you are going to win.Also it is important for you to try to available every available bonus. There is some website although the numbers are not high but there are few that provided no deposit bonuses to the player. Make sure you are taking this bonus if you have the option. Most of the casinos are providing bonuses but by setting high wagering requirements they are avoiding the layers to withdraw the money. Os make sure you have these points in mind while you are choosing a casino for you. -------------

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Easy Money Blackjack System – The #1 No Card Counting Strategy

Blackjack Myths Exposed

There are more than a few common blackjack myths that have been propagated throughout the generations by players, pit bosses, and even dealers, that if followed, can lead to ruin. We debunk them for you here so you won’t have to lose your shirt following these famous fallacies.

Blackjack Myth #1. The Bad Player:
holding cardsThe stupid player at the end of the table is ruining the game: I saw a guy once splitting a pair of tens and hitting a fifteen with a dealer bust card of 6 showing. Most people polled think that players like this affect their chances of winning their hand because they upset the natural flow of cards, and the odds of the game.

Wrong: The truth is that, while playing poorly may affect an individual’s chances of beating the dealer, it has no bearing on the chances of other players at the table to do so in the long run. Just as someone sitting at third base may take the 10 that the dealer needed to bust, he or she may also take a low card, allowing the dealer to receive that next busting card. Just as a bad player can true and could result in the entire table winning. Bad players will cause the dealer to lose just as much as they help them win, so don’t leave a table because of them.

Blackjack Myth #2. The Goal of Twenty One:
The goal in blackjack is to get as close to twenty one as possible without going over:

Wrong: The objective in blackjack is to beat the dealer by either 1) making a hand that totals more than that of the dealer, or 2) staying and allowing the dealer to bust. Most hands in blackjack are lost by players who take one too many hits and bust before the dealer does.

Blackjack Myth #3. Insurance:
Always insure your good hand against a dealer’s ace: By insuring a good hand, you increase your chances of winning incase the dealer pulls a 21. Likewise, you should take even money if you have blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace.

Wrong: Insurance is always a sucker bet (unless you are counting cards). Why? It has been mathematically proven that not taking insurance when you are holding a blackjack over the long run will give you a 4% advantage. Because you are holding two ten value cards that the dealer needs in order for you to win your insurance bet (remember you win your insurance bet only when the dealer’s hole card is a ten-value card giving him a blackjack hand). Because you have two of the cards he needs for a blackjack, the odds of his getting a blackjack are worse. Your 20 is a sure winner; don’t mess it up by taking insurance (translated–don’t make a bad bet to protect a good bet). However, taking insurance in every instance is often one of the worst moves you could make. When you take insurance you give up 13% of blackjack profits, drastically cutting into your winnings.

Blackjack Myth #4. The Sacred Order of the Cards:
The order of the deck in a game of blackjack is sacred. If a new player joins the game in the middle or one of the other players surrenders or leaves in the middle of a shoe, then this sacred order can be thrown off, ruining the other players’ chances of winning.

Wrong: While these actions will change the order of the cards, there is just as much a chance that they will result in a change that will help you to win. This is a myth that many players use to place the blame on others for their losses, rather than owning up to their own bad strategy or luck.

woman chip stackerBlackjack Myth #5. Winning Strategy Myths:
Play like the dealer: The house knows the odds better than anyone, so if I play like him and simply hit every hand 16 or under and stand on 17 or better (including soft hands), I should be able to win as often as he does, right?. No need to split or double-down since the dealer cannot take these actions either.

Wrong: Since the player can always bust before the dealer does, this explains why playing just like him still gives the house a 5.48% advantage; far worse than if you played perfect basic strategy.

Blackjack Myth #6. Always play as if the dealer has a ten card in the hole: Since there are far more ten value cards in the deck than any other, isn’t it smart to play every hand as if the dealer is hiding a ten (e.g. dealer is showing a 5, assume he has 15)?

Wrong: There is a 70% chance the dealer is not holding a ten in the hole. Playing a modified basic strategy adjusted for the assumption that the dealer has a ten in the hole results in a house edge of just over 10%. This is by far, one of the worst strategies you could employ, but I’ve even heard dealers recommend this myth to players.

Blackjack Myth #7. Play defensively and never bust: If I never hit a hard hand totaling 12 or greater, I effectively eliminate the dealer’s advantage that comes from the players busting first. All other hands are played according to optimal basic strategy.

Wrong: Although you eliminate the dealer advantage from a players’ early bust, you are not maximizing the value of acquiring a better hand by hitting these hard hands when appropriate. Standing on hard hands totaling 12 or greater resulted in a house edge of almost 4%.

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USA Casino: The new casino


In fact with every the number of people playing casino games online has been increasing. The online casinos allow a person sitting in different part of the world to play casino games. This has made the casino game more accessible. The casino has been an attraction for plenty of people who have aimed to make huge sum of money within a limited period of time. Also it expected that the number of people playing casino games will always increase. What makes casino such an attraction is the fact that in an instant it can make anyone rich. However the casino lovers should not ignore the fact that gambling is something that could also lead to a huge loss to anyone. The person who is an expert in the casino games always advices to the beginners to have a certain limited amount for gambling. This is due to the fact that many times it has been seen that people playing with a huge sum of money losing everything. There are various types of casinos that are available on the internet. Some of the     online casinos include just to log on to the desired web site and start up with the game. Other type of casinos includes downloading of certain applications and software to play casino games online. The online casinos provide a lot of options and games which a user may opt to play.It is very important for the casino players of the initial level to play easier games so that they are able to gasp the knowledge and the experience about the game. In any game that one plays skill and experience are the most important and the crucial factors. With the passage of time it has become a hobby for many people and for many it is a source of income. Whatever the case may be, it is very important for the player to be careful while playing such casino games. This is due to the risk factor and also the fact that playing games on computer could be a risky thing. Hacking has been in the lime light for quite some time now. Hence it is very important for everyone to be very careful while playing online casino games.-------------

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Poker Hand Rankings

Poker hand rankings are one of the most important aspects of any poker game. When playing online poker, especially fast online poker games such as Texas Holdem Poker, you need to be able to quickly discern which cards are needed to create a better poker hand.

Beginners often find themselves losing their first few games by not being able to identify which cards offer the best opportunities to build a really strong hand. It’s fairly simple to understand the poker hand rankings if you just take a little time to study them.

Remember that when you’re playing Texas Hold’em poker you are trying to create the best 5-card poker hand from a total of 7 cards. There are 2 hole or pocket cards and 5 communal cards. You may use any combination to create your best hand. You may even use all five communal cards.

These are the Poker Hand Rankings :

Royal Flush : This hand is unbeatable, the highest ranking hand possible. A Royal Flush is made of 5 cards of the same suit, Ten through to Ace. Ten; Jack; Queen; King; Ace – must be the same suit.

Straight Flush : This hand is not as strong as the royal flush but just as rare. A straight flush made up of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. For example 6-10, 3-7 or Ace-5 (an ace can play both high and low in straights)

Four-of-a-kind : This refers to any hand containing four similar cards, such as 4 Kings, 4 Tens, or 4 threes.

Full House : A full house occurs when you have Three-of-Kind and a Pair. For instance, 3 sevens and 2 fives forms a Full House.

Flush : A flush is any five cards of the same suit. The cards may be in any order, if they were in succession it would be a straight flush.

Straight : A Straight is five cards of any suit in succession. Straights are very common in Holdem Poker.

Three-of-a-kind : This is any three similar cards of any suit. For instances 3 kings, 3 seven or 3 fives.

Pair : This is the most common winning hand. A pair is two similar cards of any suit. For example, 2 acesFeature Articles, 2 jacks or 2 fours…

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Poker: The Deal with Free Online Poker

Now, let us fast forward a bit to the period when the internet revolution is starting. There! In the world of internet, some things come for free and this is what free online poker offers to ordinary people like us.

There are many sites which offer free online poker to people, the only thing that you have to do is download their software, which is free by the way, and after that, you are on your way to playing free online poker. There are many reasons why people are using free online poker as a stepping stone in playing a much more professional game of poker.

Some people might start playing free online poker just for the fun of it. Look at this, you have internet access, a computer, and of course, time. Once you have stumbled in the course of free online poker, all you have to do is click to the left then type to the right and viola! Free online poker is now in your monitors, staring back at you and almost daring you to take your first move. It’s free, convenient, and very fun to play which is why many people are now addicted to free online poker.

Being a professional poker player entails a lot of practice and time therefore; free online poker is the best way to make sure that a person has sufficient practice in playing poker. Some people utilize free online poker as their stepping stone to becoming a professional and experienced poker player.

Let us now proceed to the details of free online poker. As I said earlier, downloading the free software would be the best way to utilize free online poker therefore; a person must have internet access and computer (of course), windows 98 or higher. Running time for downloading the software is usually 15 minutes for 56 kpbs. and the software takes up 6.2MB of storage in a computer’s memory.

After learning the technicalities which is boring yet essential, let us now dwell in the fun side of free online poker. There are many features included in the free online poker software and once you acquire it, you would also be able to utilize these features. One of the features here is that you have the option to play in public tables or private tables. For private tables, one must first ask for permission or a request to join the private table. You could also have the option to create your own private table thus making you feel rich and powerful. Aside from these features, free online poker also offers different types of games. These games are Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and 5 Card Draw. Any player could use from these different types of games from free online poker. These different options for games make the free online poker package even more attractive and tempting for people.

Just a reminder though, free online poker does not give out money just like in a casino because the amount that you see is not real. Though that is the caseBusiness Management Articles, the top winners of the free online poker would receive a gift from the web host like a t-shirt or other give-aways. So there you go folks! Enjoy the deal with free online poker.