Floor Paint

Many of us have a garage floor that we want to paint or even a concrete basement floor. Is there an actual way to paint these floors and have the paint actually stay on without peeling off? Absolutely there is.

What most people don’t realize is that when you paint a concrete floor, you don’t buy the same kind of paint you would use on a wall. Concrete floor painting is more of just a coating using an epoxy base coat.

There are four main steps to painting your concrete floor. First prepare the floor surface by using an acid wash agent to pull up any stains or spills. Next apply the base coat epoxy solvent with a push broom. Then add color ships on to the floor to give it a nice speckled look. Lastly apply the topcoat which will look milky white, but will dry clear.

Painting wood floors can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

If you don’t want a shiny finish, but just want the floor painted follow these steps.

Sanding – Rent a power sander and sand down your wood floors very quickly. If you have small painting areas, just use a hand sander.

Dust Removal – Use a dry cloth to wipe away most of the dust. After doing this, mop your wood floor at least twice to make sure all dust is removed.

Paint – Exterior paint is the best type of paint to use as it is durable and easy to mop. Use a roller and put primer down first before you roll on the paint.

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Hardwood and Carpet Floor

Now parquet floors, it appears that all in a rage home decor, but surprisingly, that does not mean that the carpets any less popular. Carpet has many advantages, even in the house, parquet floor. Especially popular area rugs, runners for stairs and even outdoor rugs.

Area rugs are the most versatile type of carpet. They can be used indoors with solid wood, linoleum or tile floors for the production of splash of color or paint the area together. For instance, a room chairs and coffee table with a large area rug will make a certain conversational space in the room. Large carpets may also be useful during the cold season, so that your feet are not as chilled as you get out of bed in the morning, especially if you have tile or stone floors.

Another type of carpet Springfield which has many custom runners. They come in a wide variety of lengths, colors and styles. They can be used in a long corridor with a focus area, as well as the stairs, to help with traction. Dining another great place for runners, where she will show the table.

Runners also deserves attention when carpeting your stairs. They represent a large area of traffic and, therefore, to collect dirt easily which shows more on a wooden ladder than the carpets of them. Runner will make them better and make them easier to clean and maintain. In addition, the carpeting on the stairs makes them safer and more, and if it is properly installed, it will mean less chance of guests and their families, slip and fall.

If none of the above-mentioned customs area rugs or runners that you are looking for in your home you might want to consider the outside. One of the most fashionable things done this summer to put a gazebo have a very large colorful carpet area and then to hang curtains coordinate to create colorful and unique recreation area in the countryside. A boundary between the outer and a large welcome mat is not only to keep dirt in your house, but will also serve as a decoration to your porch.

So whether you are hardwood floor stone or tile, you’re thinking about decorating the inside or outside or home, there are many areas or rooms where you can include carpet to improve the premises. A beautiful carpet of long runners and carpeting for stairs are great ways to ring the changes and improvements to your home.

Every homeowner either building or remodeling will face the dilemma at some point – install hardwood floors or carpet? It can be a difficult process, just like choosing what color paint to paint the outside of your home and what color walls to splash on the interior. But while paint is mostly concerned with aesthetics, hardwood flooring versus carpet flooring is all about function and durability.

And should you choose to sell your home in the future, you’ll have more offers because your wood floor not only increases the value of your home, but it also gives the buyer more options when it comes time for them to decorate the home. The neutral, earth-tone colors of wood just cannot be matched by carpet.

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Floor Molding

Floor molding is a traditional sand molding process. Floor molding means we make the sand castings on floor or ground by sand boxes.

The deference from other casting method is we use green sand or resin sand, and mold by manual, not by molding machines. It is a kind of old and traditional molding method, but is still widely used in China and worldwide.

As we know, floor molding uses sand as the molding material, which has low cost, easy mold manufacturing, suitable for small production volume and mass production. So, floor molding has been the basic technology of casting production.

Floor molding has existed for many years, and usually uses green sand and resin sand as the molding materials.

The most commonly used casting sand is silica sand. Silica sand can not meet the basic requirements of temperature. Chromites sand and other special corundum sand will be used for special temperature requirements. In order to make the sand mold and core with a certain intensity, casting foundries usually add sand binder, in this way, loose sand will bond together to form the molding sand. Sand binder most widely used is clay, may also have a variety of drying oil or semi-dry oil, water-soluble silicates or phosphates, and various synthetic resin for molding sand binder. According to the difference of sand binders, molding sand can be classified into the wet clay sand, or called green sand, dry clay sand and chemical hardening sand.

Although the foundries use different sands, the molding is still called floor molding. In China, we usually call it as wet sand molding, or green sand molding, but in western countries, it is still called floor molding, or floor moulding.

This article was from Dandong Foundry Blog.